Banjo By The Bay

Located in San Rafael, aboard his trusty boat in Loch Lomond Marina, Steve Baughman┬áliterally teaches banjo by the bay. He teaches clawhammer style banjo to be exact, which has African origins and is used in old-time American music. It’s very different from the bluegrass banjo that got so famous through the film, Deliverance. The clawhammer style is more repetitive, groove-based in technique, and lends itself to meditation, as well as, music making. Send an email to the address below if you’re interested in lessons. Folks who want to give it a try but don’t own a banjo can also rent one from Steve.

“I have been a banjo lover since I was a kid and in recent years have discovered that, in addition to its fun and frolicking side, there is a contemplative aspect to the instrument. It is a real joy to be exploring that.”


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