BRU Bone Broth Beverage

One cold Northern California morning, co-founder Soo-Ah, an avid juicer, found it hard to stomach an ice cold juice, and sought a warm yet highly nutritious beverage that could carry her between martial arts workouts.  Nothing really existed besides herbal teas and anemic stocks out of aluminum cans and Tetra Paks.

Soo-Ah began formulating homemade bone broths with co-founder Mary, an avid skier and trail runner recovering from arthroscopic surgery.  They added highly nutritious superfoods and other natural nutritionals to create an easily digestible, nutrient and protein-rich beverage that could be consumed warm. 

BRU BeverageBone broth typically requires long hours and sometimes days of simmering to ensure every ounce of goodness is extracted.  At BRU, we do all the hard work, and add carefully selected all natural superfood ingredients to deliver a sippably delicious bone broth that  combines all of the nutrition of bone broth with the vitamins of fresh vegetable and root juices.  We source pastured, organic chicken and grass-fed beef bones from local farmers that are committed to sustainable farming practices.  

Bone broth contains easily digestible gelatin (a gut mending protein), collagen, and healing amino acids and minerals such as glucosamine, proline, glycine, and arginine. The nutrients in bone broth have been coveted and consumed by traditional cultures for hundreds of years.  BRU was born with the mission to share these benefits with the modern world, one warm mug at a time.


locations: Marin County


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