Diamond Sports Cards

A Rare Gem for Nostalgia

Remember when sports card collecting was about the excitement of opening a pack of cards and finding your favorite player; or waiting after a game to get an elusive autograph? Remember going to hobby shows at your local mall to haggle and trade to complete your set? Remember when cards weren’t solely considered a monetary investment? One store in San Rafael does, echoing back to an era where collecting was fun and a part of the social fabric of the community.

Diamond Sports Cards has been in San Rafael since 1996. Bobby Michener, the owner, has been in the sports collectibles business since 1993. He opened his San Rafael location in the summer of 1996. Michener was a teenager when he started in the business and frequented local sports collectible trading shows, where he bought, sold and traded with local dealers long before it became an industry. After years of staying with it, Michener decided he had finally worked up enough courage and inventory to attempt to launch a legitimate business.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Michener was an avid sports fan, playing baseball, basketball and soccer all through school. As a kid, he started collecting sports cards and memorabilia  as a hobby after being turned on to a massive vintage baseball card collection by a relative who, throughout his lifetime, built one of the larger known collections in the nation from the turn of the century to the 1990s.

Diamond Sports Cards displays a wide variety of sports cards, memorabilia and general collectibles. Michener believes collecting and trading as a hobby provides people with a real visceral experience that has the ability to take them back to a special place in time and provide memories for what we love and appreciate.

Location: 1144 Fourth St, San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone: (415) 456-4105
Twitter: @DiamondSportsCA


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