Dr. Insomniac’s Fine Coffee, Tea, Smoothies Cafe

Proven Excellence

A truly great cup of coffee is only determined by the people who consume it. Along with our intensive evaluation process, because we serve hundreds of thousands of guests every year at our brick and mortar coffee shop in Novato California, we are able to immediately, continuously and accurately gain feedback from our guests to understand what people like or dislike.

This direct interaction with our beloved guests at the Novato Coffee Shop has allowed us to fine tune our Coffee Blends. This allows us to provide agriculturally top rated coffee beans as well as, truly top quality coffee bean blends that have proven to be dearly loved by hundreds of thousands of people for over eleven years.

Where quality never sleeps!

Ditch the corporate chains for this unique local gem in downtown Novato. Get your caffeine fix, then stay awhile and enjoy the atmosphere!

800 Grant Avenue
Novato, CA 94945

Phone: 1-415-246-7347

Website: drinsomniacs.com


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