Once Upon A Time At San Quentin

John Wedgwood Golden grew up on the San Quentin Reservation. In 1972, at the age of 22, he became a Correctional Officer at said penitentiary. After a few years on the job, he could no longer tolerate all the injustice he saw in Q. In 1976, he started to smuggle his Hasselblad CM 500 camera into the bowels of San Quentin. For the next three years he went under cover with his camera, documenting prison life behind the draconian walls of Q. In late 1979 he was busted by prison authorities for possession of a camera on state property. Shortly after that,he was terminated from state service by Warden George Sumner. The charges simply read” Failure To Meet Minimum Standards”. Officer Golden may not have survived San Quentin but his candid photographs did. Now for the first time in San Quentin’s history, street society can see and learn the truth about San Quentin. This coffee table art book is 12″x12″ inches with thirty five 11″x11″ inch photographs plus text.

Once Upon A Time At San Quentin (ebook)

John Wedgwood Golden

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