Phyllis’ Giant Burgers

In 1981, the first Phyllis’ Giant Burgers in Marin was successfully established by Phyllis Larson. Located on Miracle Miles, San Rafael, the building still stands today under the same name although the business is run by James and Michelle Cho. Phyllis’ has been in business for almost 26 years and many more years to come.

Known to have the “Best Burgers in Marin,” Phyllis’ has won many awards in the past and has been in the news a few times, most of the awards from Pacific Sun and the San Francisco Chronicles for Best Burger. With over 20 kinds of burgers to choose from, the Giant Cheese and Bacon Burger is the most popular of all. The name says it all, the burgers there are delicious and pretty big. Not only do they make burgers though, they also sell corn dogs, chicken, hot dogs, and salads, which have all recently been added to the menu.

924 Diablo Avenue, Novato, CA 94947
Phone: 415. 898. 8294

San Rafael
2202 4th St., San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone: 415. 456. 0866


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