Tamalpais Union High School District Community Education

Tamalpais Union High School District Community Education, or Marin Learn for short, offers classes in arts, business, computers, finance, and more. Classes are taught by seasoned professionals in the community. They are typically located at either Redwood High, Drake High, or Tamalpais High. The atmosphere is casual and prices vary based on subject and class duration starting around $39. A full list of class offerings and registration is available at: MarinLearn.com

Marin Learners

The Tamalpais Union High School District is dedicated to the development of creative, passionate and self-motivated learners. Upon graduation, students will be prepared for engaged citizenship and able to contribute individually and collaboratively in order to address the challenges of a dynamic and diverse world. To these ends, all students will demonstrate mastery of core competencies and will be offered meaningful learning experiences to enable them to access and critically analyze information, pose substantive questions, and communicate effectively.

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