West Point Inn

Secluded among the trees on the upper south slope of Mt. Tamalpais, the West Point Inn was a brief stop on the “Crookedest Railroad in the World”, where passengers could meet a stagecoach bound for the beach. The railroad is gone now, but the West Point Inn remains as an “off the grid” haven for hikers and a monument to the rich historic heritage of our region. Come enjoy sweeping panoramic views of the East Bay, parts of San Francisco, the Marin Headlands, one tower of the Golden Gate Bridge, and out over the Pacific Ocean.

This is film footage from 1898 of the “Crookedest Railroad in the World” heading up to Mount Tam to West Point Inn. You can see the train backing up the cars up the mountain.

No, the film is not going in reverse. You’ll also notice that it was filmed by none other than Thomas Edison, only three years after the Lumière brothers premiered their first train films in Paris. They certainly liked to film trains back then!

West Point Inn

Website: www.westpointinn.com

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